About Us


Two people noticing the challenges faced in the SMB Marketplace


We started Medical IT whilst working for an IT department in the medical industry, we were exposed to the struggles of doctors and their members of staff.

The struggles would range from PC’s freezing to billing applications not being able to print but when your business is reliant on technology to be able to record, invoice and submit to the medical aids (with their strict criteria) to bring in the monies earned, it is crucial to make sure they are working 100%.

We decided to find out what can be done about these issues to allow doctors in South Africa practice in a field that they have taken many years to perfect.

Six months into the business we found out that it was not just the medical industry who were facing the same issues, we have turned from an IT support company for medical into a Managed services provider for all marketplaces.

Our Philosophy


To break down the disparity between business and technology to enable our clients to give their clients the service they deserve.

We are always willing to listen to our clients and happy to hear from any potential clients that would like to discuss any issues that you are currently facing.